How long Will A MacBook Air M1 last – Solved

How long will an M1 MacBook Air last? An M1 MacBook Air lasts for 5 to 8 years. However, this depends on the usage and care you do. This life is for normal users who take good care of the laptop.

However, if you don’t take care of your MacBook, it won’t last more than 3 years. You will start getting signs of the system expiration. These issues appear in the form of a sudden turn-off. However, this is what I have answered about laptop life.

And, we talk about the battery life of the MacBook M1 Air being 12 hours. This brilliant battery timing is with regular usage. But, if you do hardcore gaming, this battery still lasts for 8 hours. How is that? Now, while discussing MacBook M1 Air, let’s review it.

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MacBook M1 Air is Also One Of The Best Gaming laptops:

Talking about the Apple brand, we all know it’s not generous about concessions. Even on black Friday deals, you won’t get any discounts at all. Now, the battery life is one reason it’s also one of the best laptops for streamingHowever, many other features collectively make it a monster machine.

Now, the best thing about this MacBook is that the M1 chip runs iOS and M1 optimized apps flawlessly. Surely the system is very costly, but the upgrades are of no cost at all. And, this thinnest and slimmest laptop comes with the following specs.

Design of MacBook M1 laptop

The design does not look like something new. And, it is something that usually Apple comes with. The one I’m talking about is the very silver rugged body laptop. The keyboard is compact on the system. And the LCD is 13 inches.  The system arrives with an M1 silicone chip that is new in the Apple laptop world. And, this chip is an 8-core that can handle the bulk of tasks.

Along with the battery, this is another reason you can play the latest games. And, if you think that can I play GTA on the laptopThen it’s a yes from MacBook Air M1 also. Not only GTA, but you can enjoy sims games with their latest packs.

However, many opponents have given the latest layout every time. But, MacBook has not done that yet. And, instead of managing the new design, the brand has focused on the internals. Although Apple has assured us of the new revolution, we didn’t get it.

Instead, what we got is the microchip processor that we can’t help admiring. Also, this is the change that keeps on happening every time. Let’s see if we get some new designs as well.

However, till then, you get a 2.8 pounds laptop with 0.16-0.63—11.97—8.36 inches dimensions. Now, what is revolutionary, is the absence of the fans inside. This time, you won’t see or hear the fans at all. This seems to be risky if the system heats up. But, the brand has designed it to let out the heat easily. And, the system won’t heat up a lot to avoid internal damage. And, people consider it to be the main reason for the system being slimmer. So, you can enjoy the silent performance of the laptop.

Display of MacBook Air M1

 Talking about the display, the resolution is high definition. And, with 13.3 inches, you get 2560×1600 pixels resolution. The display is also anti-glare. So, you can enjoy gaming time in the daylight also. The 400 nits brightness suits the screen. And, the anti-glare screen protects your eyes from irritation. So, the experience is smooth with this laptop. And, the color contractors set automatically according to the colors on the screen.

Battery life test in MacBook M1

Do you think that is PC or laptop better for gamingHere is one more reason why you should pick laptops. Now, while the experts did the tests, they left the laptop on. And, with the standby mode, the system had a high battery level. And, with so many apps opened and 30 tabs, the battery was 11 hours left. So, this is what impresses me the most. The manufacturers knew that the M1 chip was going to take a lot more power. So, they increased the timing. With low usage, you can make it run up to 13 hours.

The CPU and GPU pay off the price

Talking about the internals, you get 8GB DDR4 RAM. However, as said earlier, you can later upgrade it. And, you get 7 core GPU that supports the display well. Also, if you think, how do I choose a laptopThese are the specs you should take care of. Now, other than the M1 chip and comfortable keyboard, you get a 720p camera.

And, the 256GB storage is in SSD. This is also admirable in any laptop. Also, if you think which is the latest version of the laptop? This MacBook 2021 is the same as the previous year. So, this is the latest till now. The ports are, however, not in a variety here. You get USB Type C ports that are only two. And, a headphone jack is what you get more with it. That’s all!


So, now, with these specs, do you still think laptops under $1500 can do justice? How about spending some dollars to get a worthy system? And, gaming laptops under $500 also can’t compete with this world knows system at all. So, if you are looking for a reliable laptop for gaming, give it a go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it reasonable to buy M1 MacBook Air for gaming?

Buying M1 MacBook is never repenting of what you can afford. Also, taking good care of the system helps you last longer. This laptop comes with high-end specs and 13 hours of battery life. So, it is suitable for professional gamers as well.

Does MacBook M1 result in overheating?

MacBook M1 is astonishing for its zero heating feature. Despite the absence of a fan, the system won’t heat up at all. And, you can do excessive use with 13 hours of battery back to back.

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