How Long Should A Laptop Last

Nowadays, almost every house has one or more laptops. Using them has become a trend now. Also, if you are an office worker, then you cannot manage without it. But as you use the laptop, its life gets shorter. And it loses compatibility as well. So, while using a computer, you must know the maintenance and check the durability.

But still, how can you know how long your device lasts? Now, this is the question that every laptop user must know. Moreover, you must know to enhance its durability. This article is all about knowing the facts about a laptop’s life. Also, you will learn how to enhance its lifetime. Let’s get into the details now.

How long shall your device last?

Different reasons move around this question. Various factors make it possible for a laptop to last longer. These are:

  • 1-The laptop’s durability lasts longer.
  • 2-Battery durability.
  • 3-The way you use and treat your device.
  • 4-The type of work you do on your device.

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Laptop’s hardware

One of the main reasons for a durable laptop or its failure is the hardware. If you are using a graphic card (in the case of gaming), you need a heavy-duty card. Similarly, your hardware, including your RAM, also matters a lot.

 If you have heavy-duty hardware, your laptop tends to last longer. However, if you don’t have heavy-duty hardware, your computer may fail sooner than expected.

You can also say that the more you play, the higher the quality brand you get. If you pay a fair amount for high-end internals, you will get a long-life device. It will be like:

  • 1-If you’re high-end under 600, it will last for 2-4 years only.
  • 2-If your laptop is under 1000$, it will last for 3-5 years.
  • 3-Furthermore, if you pay more than 1000$, your device will last for 4-7 years.

Also, your laptop’s life depends upon the type of work you do on them. For instance, if you do an email or watch videos daily, this use is minor. Your device will last longer than expected.

But, if your work includes graphic design, this work is heavy-duty. It will use heavy software so the laptop will not last long. In that case, you would pay more as I told you above. So, these factors affect the lifespan of your device.

There are Dell laptops and Lenovo laptops with heavy-duty internals and reasonable price. You can buy a dell laptop or Lenovo laptop for under $600. Moreover, for up to $1000, you will get the monster Lenovo laptops and Dell laptops.

Do gaming laptops last longer?

While talking about laptops, we can not miss gaming laptops here for their lifespan. But, do they last longer than other laptops? Let’s check it out!

Most obviously, gaming laptops come with more robust hardware than other laptops. That’s because these laptops face new challenges with heavy graphics games. However, you must understand this point here.

Your gaming laptop remains the same once you have purchased it. No matter if you keep upgrading the graphic card or not. The games you play with time make it more heavy-duty.

So, the internals takes more load, and the compatibility drops down. That is why your gaming laptops are not durable enough. However, you cannot blame the brands for that.

 It is useful if you understand that the latest games with heavy graphics will affect their worth. So, you have to take mercy on your device. Otherwise, soon you will need to replace your laptops. However, taking good care of your computer will still work for you.

So, in short, your gaming laptop will work longer if you spend more on it. If you are good with lower graphics quality; then you don’t have to upgrade your computer.

 Let’s see how you can help your device last longer.

Upgrading a laptop’s lifespan

Besides all other factors, you can enhance your laptop’s lifespan with the following tips.

  • 1-Always unplug the device once you have charged it fully. Never leave it for overcharging. This thing will damage the battery.
  • 2-Clean the device carefully always after use. And, do a detailed dusting and cleaning of your device. It would be best if you did it after each month. This will help avoid overheating issues as well. Go and read a careful note on how to clean your device. Please don’t do it without studying about it.
  • 3-You should always have antivirus software. This will protect your laptop from malware and several other viruses.
  • 4-Keep your eatables and liquid away from the laptop. Also, avoid direct contact with any liquid.
  • 5-Also, keep upgrading your laptop for good performance. Upgrade the  RAM as well as the storage. You can better go to SSD storage devices.

Laptop’s battery lifespan

Now, let’s come to this point of battery. I have one similar answer for this question as well. That is, your laptop battery life depends upon the type of usage. That means that your battery life depends on your task. That is pretty much true. However, there is another reason you must know.

Mostly, different brands introduce bulky-duty laptops with excellent graphic quality. They also have stunning audio and model. But, they ignore the battery timing in all. You will see rich brands like HP and Dell laptops. Also, Lenovo laptops are ranking high in the market. They are very famous brands, but their battery mostly lasts for  4-5 hours. That case is not the same in all the models. But mostly, it happens.

Now, let me come to another point. Battery timing also depends on the type of task you perform. Yes, that is true. If you send an email, watch videos, or do typing, this will be regular use. It will not suck your battery.

 However, graphic designing, heavy-duty gaming, and video editing suck the battery. Your battery will drain in 2-3 hours instead of 5-6 hours. So, be careful while using your device. Also, overcharging will damage your battery. It will start dropping even on minor uses.

So, these are some main points to clear before making any mistakes. How do you use your laptop? And which mistake were you making?

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