How Do I Choose A Laptop – For My Work

How do I choose a laptop? This question has a tricky but worthy answer. You need to make up your mind about Mac OS or Windows OS first of all. Then, set your budget and standards according to that.

Think about what type of display with what screen rate you want. Consider the battery life as well. Also, if you travel a lot, must consider the portability as well.

Now, there are more points to think about while choosing a laptop. And, gaming laptops have come with a variety of variations lately. So, let’s consider some of the most commonly considered facts. And, then we will get into more details that how I choose a laptop.

Recommendations for a laptop :

1. Battery consideration

The ideal battery life is of 9 hours in all. But, if you mostly stay at home, less time can also make it.

2. Consider a 2-in-1 laptop

If you want to use a laptop just by standing, you can use it as a tablet. And, for that, I prefer a 2-in-1 laptop. Also, you can go for a back-end laptop as well.

3. Choose Chromebooks for kids

If you are looking for a system for kids or school-going students, consider Chromebooks. Because they come with enough specs to handle the needs of teens and kids.

4. Select Minumum 15-inch Display Size

If you are not traveling a lot, you can opt for larger screens like 17 inches. However, they give an excellent display; you can’t take them out for long. That’s because such screens have flex issues. And, they aren’t much portable. So, the best is to use a 12.5-14 inches screen in all. Such laptops are portable and suitable for students also.

If you have a budget for under $600, go for Ryzen 5 or Core i5 processor. And, an SSD storage with 8GB RAM at least will work for you. You must go for 1920×1080 pixel resolution for the screen.

Look for a 2-in-1 laptop

While choosing a laptop, first overview your routine. If you travel a lot or have a lot of work, look for such handy systems. That’s because no wonder you will be fed up with sitting all day. And, sometimes, you need to use the laptop while standing. Some laptops for streaming are pretty lightweight and 2-in-1. Now, there are also types of 2-in-1 laptops. Some laptops are detachable. And, you can detach the screen from the keyboard. This will let you use the screen as a tablet.

However, no wonder that such screens are not the best substitute. They can’t replace the worth and quality of a tab. But, this will bother you when you want to play games. And, here, we are talking about working laptops. So, you can use them for typing or watching videos.

And, the second type of 2-in-1 laptop is the bend-back laptop. These laptops can bend their screens up to 360° degrees. They are very much like flexible bodies. And, you can easily use them holding in hand. So, you can pick one of your choices according to your needs.

Choosing CPU wisely

When choosing a laptop, you have to make up your mind about the specs. This includes the RAM, processor, and GPU you want. Also, this very much depends on the versions of the laptops. So, you must know which is the latest version of laptop? Now, laptops under $1500 also give the best internals.

These can be from 16GB to 32GB RAM. So, if you have a lot of work, choose at least 16GB RAM. And, the processor, in this case, must be the 9th or 11th generation. But, you can also go for the 7th generation. That depends on the budget and model you are looking for.

Now, the next thing is to look for the graphics card. And, the best-recommended graphics card is the Iris Xe card. And the card has a 4.8GHz speed. So, this will give you the best and fast performance. The next thing is the battery life.

No matter what type of laptop you want(gaming or working), constantly check the battery. The recommended battery life is 9 hours in all. But, if you can manage, you can go for 6-7 hours as well. And, this is recommended for both gaming systems and other laptops.

So, the display recommended is 12.5-14 inches, as said earlier. However, the resolution should be around 1366×768 pixels. And, at least it should be 1920×1080 pixels. Well, that’s what you usually get, I know.


Go for a Better Storage Option

If you are thinking, can I play GTA on a laptop? Then I got you covered. Because with SSD storage, you can play any game with media storage. And, no matter how many game packs keep coming, you have a faster and easier backup. Now, this comes expensive. But, it is better than HDD. HDD has more space, though. But, when you have a reasonable budget, go for SSD. The best and recommended one is PCle X4 SSD.

Check the keyboard first

For typing, no matter what laptop you have, you need a comfortable keyboard. And, for that, the keys must be in decent space. The ideal space between the keys is 1.8mm. And, the keys must be poppy with a clicky effect. The backlit keyboard is ideal with RGB keys. So, that lets you type in the darkness as well. And, the trackpad must not be sticky. It should be easy to hide as well. A fingerprint sensor is ideal to have on the keyboard.


Now, if you think how do I choose a laptop? Just check the intervals according to the above guide. And, check out the keyboard and the 2-in-1 feature. That’s all and you can get your laptop easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features shall we look for while buying a laptop?

We must see that the system is 12.5-14 inches in screen size. The process should be around the 8th to 11th generation. The GPU can be Iris Xe. Also, the battery life should be around 7-9 hours.

What features do a good laptop have?

 A good laptop contains 15 inches display screen with narrow bezels. It must be lightweight and portable. The audio and the battery life should be supportive. So, you can enjoy gaming as well. Also, the CPU should be according to the usage and better be updated.

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