Can I Upgrade my Asus Gaming laptop

Are you thinking about “how can I upgrade my ASUS gaming laptop?”. Well, It’s a significant choice to decide whether to update your laptop or just get a new one. For the majority of us, a laptop is a necessary tool for work and leisure, thus, factors like speed and memory are critical.

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Laptop computers are significantly less customizable than desktop computers due to their small size. You can usually update numerous aspects of your ASUS gaming laptop, such as the RAM memory, the hard disc, and the video/sound cards, among other things.

Here’s what you need to know before upgrading your Asus gaming laptop, whether you want better graphics, more RAM, or quicker processing power:

  • Your warranty may be invalidated if you upgrade.
  • This is not a procedure for the impatient.
  • Not all of the components can be replaced.
  • Some updates may cause your laptop to break.

Upgrading my Asus gaming laptop’s hardware might be a cost-effective approach to improve its performance.

However, in this case,

This article will walk you through the major procedures you’ll need to take to figure out “how can I update my Asus gaming laptop.”

So let’s get ahead.

1. Upgrade the processor in your Asus Gaming Laptop.

2. Is your laptop running slowly?

3. Begin by increasing the RAM on your laptop.

4. Upgrade the graphics card in your laptop’s hard drive.

5. Installing a CD/DVD Drive

6. How to Make Your Laptop Gaming-Ready

Upgrade the processor in your Asus Gaming Laptop

In most circumstances, upgrading to the current operating system does not require purchasing a whole new Asus gaming laptop. Yes, newer operating systems come standard on more current laptops, but the upgraded system can usually be installed with hardly any effort.

In Asus, there are chips from different versions of the same processor. Swapping out the CPU on your laptop is difficult (I presume the 6500U will be soldered onto your motherboard).

But, If your laptop is still running Windows 8 and you want to upgrade to Windows 10, for example, you’ll need to delete Windows 8 from your hard drive and download the newer version. Confirm the download if you have the necessary space. You may not have enough RAM to support the upgrade in some instances.

If you require additional RAM, you should be able to do it without difficulty. However, if you’re installing the new OS in the hopes of speedier processing, you might want to consider investing in a new laptop with a faster processor.

You won’t be able to change your laptop CPU in most circumstances. Some laptops feature replaceable CPUs. However, they are expensive and difficult to find.

Most CPUs are soldered directly to the motherboard, posing a problem for the average user who must remove the CPU and replace it with a new one. If the processor is replaceable, ensure it fits in the same socket as the old one and that the motherboard can communicate with it after it’s fitted.

Is your ASUS Gaming laptop running slowly?

It might be a symptom of regular wear and tear if your laptop is operating slower than usual. There are quite a few other things to do, though, to get your computer to run as swiftly as it did when it was just unboxed.

Start by calculating how much free space you have. If your laptop’s hard drive is running out of capacity, for example, accessing programs or data might be a chore.

A lack of RAM, which is utilized to support your apps, might potentially be the source of the problem. While boosting RAM will not solve all of your performance problems, it will alleviate some of the stress on your CPU, allowing for faster processing.

Begin by Increasing the RAM on your Asus Laptop

Most ASUS gaming laptops allow users to update their RAM or memory by inserting a flash drive into a slot. In most cases, you’ll need to buy fresh memory for your computer from an authorized dealer or the PC manufacturer directly. Third-party manufacturers occasionally provide memory sticks that are compatible with a wide range of laptops.

Additional RAM does not cure all of the problems associated with a “slow” machine. If you notice that the current OS takes a long time to run or that your spreadsheets take minutes to open, you should consider replacing your old spinning HDD with an SSD.

SSDs are up to 12 times quicker than HDDs, allowing the OS to load, and In seconds rather than minutes, you’ll be ready to utilize. All sophisticated programs, high-resolution video, complex audio, and other huge apps will load in seconds and be prepared to use, rather than requiring several minutes.

 How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop

Upgrade the Graphics Card in your Laptop’s Hard Drive

Most manufacturers allow you to replace your existing hard disc with one that offers larger storage. The amount you spend will be determined by the amount of space you require.

A 480GB SSD may easily approach $400 or $500, whereas a 1TB traditional hard disc can cost as little as $50 or $100. You’ll generally be able to locate a compartment that houses the hard drive in laptops, which makes it easy to replace the hard disc.

An external hard drive is appealing for many users since it may be launched by simply plugging it into a USB connection. Plus, if you do decide to buy a new laptop, you’ll be able to retain it.

Many people want to know how I can upgrade my Asus gaming laptop graphics card (GPU), usually for gaming purposes. Your GPU, like your CPU, is generally soldered to your motherboard, making it impossible to replace.

Surprisingly, you can improve your graphics capabilities by purchasing an external unit that connects to your USB port. You’ll receive better graphics output, allowing you to use a second display in addition to your laptop screen.

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Installing a CD/DVD Drive

Because CDs aren’t as popular as they once were because of streaming, most modern laptops don’t include a built-in disc drive.

You may buy an external optical drive if you want to play a favorite game from a few years ago or view a DVD every now and again. It’s one of the simplest upgrades because all you have to do is connect the drive in through USB, and you’re good to go.

Other ways (How I can upgrade my Asus gaming laptop?)

In most circumstances, upgrading your laptop’s graphics card for a better gaming experience is not viable. As previously stated, most current laptops use an integrated graphics card soldered onto the motherboard, allowing for minimum customization.

Clean your laptop physically: Dust and grime can reduce ventilation and cause your computer to overheat, lowering performance therefore always make sure to clean your laptop or computer devices accurately.

Defragment your hard drive: While Windows defrags your data automatically, you may wish to check your defrag status manually as well.

Check to see if DirectX is up to date: Type “dxdiag” into the menu to see which version you’re running. Run a Windows update after that to see if you can get better performance out of your gaming gear.

Graphics Card: Some tools can assist you in maximizing the voltage and clock frequency of your graphics card. The utility includes a hardware monitor that may be used to keep track of the system’s stability.

Here, you must proceed with caution. Overclocking raises the chance of your computer overheating and shutting down, which, let’s face it, isn’t the most fun gaming experience. Proceed with caution as it may jeopardize your manufacturer’s warranty.

Final Verdict

Although upgrading your laptop isn’t always the most straightforward path to a better computing experience, most of these recommendations are simple to do on your own.

If you’re looking for a system that can be customized, especially for gaming, a desktop computer could be the ideal option. However, if you only need extra RAM or storage space for your data, there are simple ways to do so with your laptop.

You can use more RAM and run many apps simultaneously without the system slowing down. It also helps you multitask considerably more effectively because your apps, email, web surfing, and other programs have more RAM to work with.

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