DELL XPS 13 VS LENOVO X1 CARBON are both portables systems. But, Carbon 1 is a complete business setup. And, they both come with different designs featuring Intel processors. Also, their vast internal storage and RAM push the performance. Still, there is a comparison between them both. However, one leads the other in terms of price and reliability. So, check out which one wins here.

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Dell XPS VS Lenovo Carbon X1

Dell XPS 13 vs Lenovo X1 Carbon

Dell XPS 13 And Lenovo X1 Carbon Difference:

The difference between Dell XPS 13 and Lenovo X1 Carbon is Dell stands to pole a part in prices. Also, Lenovo Carbon, as said above, is a business laptop. So, the design, configuration, and everything is ideal for business. However, This laptop series is very expensive. And, this Carbon X1 model will cost around $1,600.

 And, this price is without the CPU vPro. Also, that will cost even more. However, The XPS model also steps ahead in performance. And, it is reviewed to be more portable. Now, check out what they have to offer. And, let’s decide in conclusion which one wins.

Lenovo X1 Carbon :

So, the design of the Carbon 1 laptop presents it for professional use. Also, one main reason is the lightweight design. And, you get a slimmer laptop with a better chip installed. And, the chassis is of metal. However, the chassis looks sleek but they are strong. Also, the system has two speaker grilles on the deck. And, the logo on the lid is a little different. And, you find the X1 logo again on the right side.

However, the lower bezel of this laptop should be trimmed. And, the body catches finger textures easily. And, this needs to fix. But, the overall impression is good. And, you can hold it easily with 14 inches body and lighter weight.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Display

Now, you get two choices in the same model Carbon X1. And, their display varies. So, one display is 4k and the other is 1080 pixels. But, both are excellent in detail. And, you get a detailed view in the 4k with rich colors. Also, minor details are prominent here.

However, the 1080 pixels are also no less. Now, comparing Dell XPS13 vs ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Carbon seems to win. Also, that’s because the color gamut results in 135% for 4k display. And, it results in 101% in 1080 pixels with 300 brightness.

Thinkpad X1 Keyboard

Now, the laptop keyboard is another good point here. And, the keys are tactile. Also, they are heavy when you click them. So, this is pleasing for many users. But, not for everyone. And, that’s because the space is less between the keys. And, they are not much popped up. However, the keys have RGB backlighting. And, you get hotkeys here too. Also, its trackpad Is also user-friendly and easy to glide.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Audio

So, compare Dell XPS 13 vs Thinkpad X1 Carbon and feel the difference. And, in the previous edition, Lenovo did not come up with good audio. However, they got reviews for that and improved. So, this time, Carbon has come up with quad speakers. Moreover, they not only deliver good audio but with high bass also. And, the audio remains clear even if you turn up the volume. Also, there is no voice distortion.

Carbon X1 CPU

Now, the system arrives with a seventh-generation processor. And, the processor is Intel Core. Also, the processor is seven Core. Now, it is i7-8565U. And, the performance is indeed fast and flawless. Also, next comes the graphics card. And, the graphics card is HD Intel 620 card. So, the card pushes the performance for a better display.

Lenovo Carbon X1 features

Display 14 inches. Also, anti-glare.
Resolution 1920×1080
Audio Quad speakers
Processor Intel Core. And, i7-8565U
Graphics card Intel HD 620
Storage 512GB SSD
Weight 4.0 pounds
Ports USB Type C port 3.1 (2). Also, an HDMI port. And, audio jack, USB 2.0 port.

The display quality is good.

And, audio is very clear.

The keyboard is supportive.

Also, the battery timing is great.


The system is expensive.

Dell XPS 13 – Best Laptop Ever With Great Features

dell xps 13 reviews

Now, Dell has always made reliable laptops. And, the body of these systems is portable. Also, you can’t deny the fact that the internals is also strong. Now, the following Dell XPS 13 comes with the following features.

XPS 13 Design

Comparing Dell XPS 13 vs Lenovo X1 Carbon, XPS also has a slim body. And, the screen is 13.4 inches with a 16:10 ratio. And, the system is durable with aluminum chassis. Also, the black carbon fiber. And, the system thickness is 14.8mm and the weight is 1.27kg. Moreover, its touchscreen option is available contrary unlike Carbon X1.

Dell XPS 13 Display

The display comes in both 4k and 1080 resolutions. And, It is a 13.4-inch touch screen display with slimmer bezels. Now, the display is wide and bright and you enjoy the detailed display.

XPS Keyboard

The keyboard here is also similar to Carbon X1. And, the black keyboard consists of RGB backlighting. Also, it comes with normal space. However, the keys are not stylish looking. And, they are also not popped up. So, comparing Dell XPS 13 vs Lenovo X1 Carbon, they look the same. And, the trackpad is also responsive here. However, there are no buttons on it. And, you can rest your palms on the keyboard.

Dell XPS 13 Audio

Dell XPS 13 audio delivers high-quality audio. And, the speakers are tuned with Max Audio. So, you get clear audio even on a flat surface.


Now, the processor is 11th generation core i7. And, this is an i7-1185G7 Intel Core processor. So, the processor works nicely here too. And, the graphics card is Iris Xe graphics. And, yes, the display works in crisp detail for intense gaming.

Dell XPS 13 Features

Display 13.4 inches touch screen
Resolution 1920×1080 /4k
Keyboard backlit RGB
Weight 2.9 pounds
Processor 11th generation 7core Intel Core
Graphics card Iris Xe graphics
Battery life 14 hours
Ports 2 USB Type C port. 1 2.0 USB Type A port. Also, one display port.

Its display quality is good.

And, the system is lightweight.

It is portable to use.

Also, the battery life is amazing.


The ports are minimum.


So, Dell XPS 13 vs Lenovo X1 Carbon make a good match. And, if you ignore the price, they do a Tae match. But, that is just in features. Also, that’s because the display is good in both. And, both give good choices of 4k and 1080 display. Also, their battery life is great as well.


 However, the price and weight make a difference. XPS is affordable for users. Also, it is good as a gaming laptop. And, it is lighter and more portable than Carbon X1. So, of you have a limited budget, you can go for Dell XPS 13 laptop. And, you can do both gaming and business work.

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