What Is The Difference Between A Chromebook And a Laptop

chromebook vs laptops

The most significant difference between a Chromebook and a laptop is the OS. Any laptop mostly runs the most famous OS that is Windows. However, the Chromebooks run Chrome-OS which is web-based. And, this web-based OS is the lighter version of the Chrome OS. And, it comes packed with some features.

Now, this is not the only difference you will find. Many other differences are out there that people are not aware of. So, let’s see deeply what are the differences between Chromebooks and laptops.

A thin line between Laptops and Chromebook

Some users that don’t know much about laptops will think they look the same. That’s what people mostly think. But, the Chrome logo clarifies it once you see it. Now, the outer surface is similar in both of them. But, this is the fact that Chrome OS is swift, and Chromebooks are budget-friendly.

Now, the best thing is that these Chromebooks run the apps smoothly. And, you can play videos all day or do streaming. So, in this way, these are like streaming laptops. Listening to music all day is fun on this Chromebook. And, you can so edit pictures or videos. However, this video editing task should not be heavy-duty or professional type.

However, this is just like using a Chrome browser. Because if you want to do some work, you will need internet on Chromebook. So, you can’t work offline on Chromebooks like gaming laptops. And, that’s the case with Chromebooks because the apps are not on the cloud.

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Chrome books are Chrome browsers

Chrome books are Chrome browsers with some extra functionalities. And, these functions totally friends with Google. Because as said earlier, the apps run on the Internet. So, the apps are on the cloud. You can use Google-powered services like Gmail, Docs, Drives, Maps, and Google Assistant. So, you can say that any laptop that uses Chrome OS is Chromebook.

However, Chromebooks don’t need heavy-duty RAM or a high-speed processor. Its use is limited to 4-8GB RAM with a standard processor.

However, laptops and especially podcasting laptops or gaming laptops, need high-end specs. You can use them offline with so many apps on them. And, it does not depend on Google or Internet totally for work.

Otherwise, charge the laptop, and you can use it offline. Also, for streaming, you require heavy-duty RAM. And, the processor also must be fast and heavy-duty. The same goes for gaming laptops.

Storage differences between Laptops and Chromebook

The storage is also a visible difference between both devices. For gaming laptops under $1500 or more, you get a 256GB SSD quickly. Or, if not exactly 256GB, or will be around it. And, this is not extra than you require. Because taking laptops have more data and media files to save, You also get games like Sims 4.

 So, they keep coming with different packs that require high storage. And, among storage, you get both SSD and HDD. However, HDD is more affordable than SSD, yet SDD storage is ideal. Now, why is it ideal is another discussion. And, we will not go into those details right now.

Unlike gaming laptops under $600, Chromebooks don’t need this external storage. That’s because all the data and files are on the cloud and Google Drive. And that means all the storage is saved online. So, this is the sparkling difference between the two once again. And, that’s also the reason why Chromebooks are budget-friendly. Because you don’t need to update the internals with time. However, this is only if you have limited use.

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Gaming on Chromebooks and laptops

Now, this point affects gamers the most. But, many of them already know it. Gaming laptops or office laptops can run games. Of course, gaming laptops are designed for games so that they can run games according to capacity. But, office laptops can not run heavy-duty games. Instead, you can do light gaming on them.

But, Chromebooks are not meant for that. Because for gaming, you need a heavy-duty processor and a good GPU. And, what if you want to play offline? Of course, Chromebooks can’t work offline. So, this category is jot for Chromebooks.

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Printer Accessibility

Chrome books do not have printer access. That means you cannot connect your printer with the Chromebook using USB ports. But, you have to route the print work over the web by using Google cloud print. And Chromebooks can use only Google cloud print-ready printers. But, that’s not the case with laptops. Any laptop, whether cheap or expensive, can easily connect to printers.

Battery timings

This is one crucial discussion to do about. Whether it is a gaming laptop or a working laptop, it takes a lot of battery. So, any gaming laptop that comes with 3 hours of battery is not enough. And, you have to choose at least 4-5 hours of battery life. While for Chromebooks, you can manage with 3 hours easily. Because heavy-duty internals lowers the battery soon. But lightweight internals doesn’t use much. So, that’s another contrast between these two.


So, Chromebooks or laptops both are useful according to your use. But, for extreme usage, go for laptops. And, if your usage is not much, you can spend less on Chromebooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is good use Chromebooks or laptops?

Chrome books are of lower price but are reliable to use. And, their battery life is of a long time so that’s good. However, laptops are also good but they are mostly expensive. And, they use a lot of batteries.

Discuss the disadvantages of Chromebook.

A Chromebook has limited usage to laptops. And, you can not work on it offline. There is no Microsoft software support. It can not play demanding games.

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