How to cast zoom to TV from a laptop

How to cast zoom to tv from a laptop? 

As we all know, the pandemic has restricted mankind from getting along with one another. And so, many activities and even studies have had the effect. So, during this pandemic, there has to be some app that can get you together for work or online classes. And we have a zoom app for that.  However, I will learn  How to cast zoom to tv from my laptop. 

How to cast zoom to tv from a laptop windows 10

Talking about the windows laptops, here is a step-by-step guide that will help cast zoom to tv instantly. Also, this exact method will go for Windows 10 laptops, PC, or even mobile phones. 

1- First, launch the zoom app in the system that is your PC/laptop. And, you can do that by launching it through the mobile zoom application. However, you will first check if your laptop connects to the HDMI cable.  Because every laptop cannot do that. 

2- Also, make sure that your laptop uses a screen mirror to the TV. Because this is what we will do later.  

3- You need to use Chrome cast to use the screen mirror. 

Use an HDMI cable :

You can use an HDMI cable, however, it will cost you a little high. And, also check if your TV has HDMI connections. That’s because not every TV has an HDMI port. Also, all the smart TVs and LCDs have HDMI connections. So, once you are sure about it, please give it a go!

Now, take the HDMI cable and connect one side to the laptop and the other side to the television. Now, take a television remote and set the channel on the screen.

 Also, you will now turn on your desired channel on the display. Now, you have to fix the screen settings according to your needs. And, this means that you will check the screen ratio. Also, set the screen resolution accordingly. 

Now, from the next step, you will learn how to cast zoom to tv from your laptop. And, this will be done via Android phone. 

How to Caste zoom on an Android device :

To zoom on an Android device, the steps are below. 

  • First of all, you will go to the system settings. And, there,  you will have a screencast option. Turn the option on. 
  • Now, the next option is mirroring on the screen. Click and enable the mirroring option. Now, the device is screen mirrored. 
  • Then, go to your zoom app in the system and open it. Also, you have to join its tribe meeting. So, there you are now! You will do this zoom cast on the Chromecast. And now, it will be shown on Television. 

The next step is how can you cast zoom from your laptop to your tv?

Caste zoom from iPhone to tv method :

Now, for casting zoom to laptop via iPhone, the steps are below. 

(a) Now, the iPhone doesn’t support all other devices. And, due to that, install a third-party app. So, you can find the “Streamer for Chromecast” application on the app store. So, install it right away. 

(b) Now, open the app, and you will now find three dots. They will be found on the prime in the middle. So, click on the middle option of the screencast. 

(c) Now, you will connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi. And you will also get the other device name on the application. So, the device name will appear in your Chromecast list. And, you will connect it by clicking on it. 

(e) Now, there will be two options on the screen. You will get these options as “connect” or “cancel.” So, click and connect the option. 

(f) Here again, you have to click on the screencast option. So, click on it once again, and also click on the screen mirroring icon. This will be available on the top left side. 

(g) Once again, a pop-up will appear on the screen. And, there will be three options: start broadcasting, and Chromecast. Also, the screen broad is the third option. So, click on the start broadcasting option. And, that’s it! Your TV will mirror the iPhone right away. So, once again, set the display according to the tv. 

So, now, last but not least for sure, the last technique is here. Let’s see how to cast zoom tv to a laptop via PC. 

Casting zoom from PC to the tv:

For casting zoom from PC to tv, check the steps below. 

1. First of all, you will click on the three dots on the screen on the left side. 

2. After that, you will click on the cast option. This option will appear on the drop-down list. 

3. The following list will show you the Chromecast device. This will appear on the screencast option. There, on the bottom side, you will see a source tab.

So, click on the tab for a dropdown list. You will see two options. One option is to cast the desktop. While the other will be a cast file. So, click on the cast desktop option. 

4-Now, see a pop-up on the screen. And, now this will also indicate a tab. And, on the right side of the lower area, there is a share button. So, click on the share button. 

5-And, ultimately, tap on the zoom app and join the tribe meeting. 

So, Install the zoom app now.  And, now you know how to cast zoom to tv from your laptop. So, go ahead and do it. 


So, Install the zoom app now.  And, now you know how to cast zoom to tv from your laptop. So, go ahead and do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a zoom app for?

Zoom application is actually an American cloud-based conferencing video app that is now used for online classes, meetings, etc. The app is entirely free to use, and people can also use it for fun purposes. 

Does the zoom app have a free version? 

Zoom app has a basic version that is free to use. Also, you can use it without signing up or signing in. However, if you have to host a meeting, you can use a registered email account for that. And, that’s it, the free version will provide all the necessary features for video conferencing that are enough for students as well. 

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