Can you record podcasts on laptop?

Can you record podcasts on a laptop? Yes, you can record them on laptops. And, you must have a laptop with a good webcam for Skype calls. This is an essential part of online guest podcasts. However, for solo podcasts, you need a portable laptop as well. Any laptop that doesn’t make noise is ideal. You will need mixtapes and music. You can also check this article for the best podcasting laptops I have reviewed.

So, your laptop can do so. For professional use, you need to do heavy editing. And, for that, you will need a digital audio wave stream. So, your laptop must be able to handle some heavy-duty tasks. Let’s see how you can record a podcast on a laptop. And, what laptops are ideal deals for podcasting?

How to record podcasts on laptops?

Before starting up with the procedure, let me tell you one thing. You can also record the podcasts away from your laptops. You need a good Android or iPhone with good charging. So, you will need an audio voice recorder or iPhone Memos voice recorder. So that you can record the audio interview there. And, later you can send it to your laptop for editing. This is how it works. Now, what gadgets do you need for podcasting? Let’s see them.

Audio editing software for podcasting

No matter whether you record audio at home or not, you need software. And, this is to smooth out the audio. It also removes all the flaws and noises in the audio. So, the best-recommended software is Audacity. This software is free to use and is fantastic.

 You can use it for Mac OS, Linux, and Android. However, another best software is Adobe Audition paid. And, you can use it for professional use. Also, it needs learning for usage before you use it. Last but not least is the Garage Band software. Most musicians and podcasters use this software for editing.

A microphone for podcasting

How can you record podcasts on a laptop without a mic?  This is another crucial thing to have for recording. And, for that, you need a good quality microphone for better results. You can start with a primary microphone.

This can be a built-in mic with no expensive rates. However, it is not of primary quality, so it is not recommended. Once you have started, you can level it up. You can go for USB mics. Rode Podcaster is one of the best USB mics to have.

 They are easy to connect with the laptop and computers. Now, the following best mics are Dynamic mics. These mics are also for professional use. And, they focus on the voice by cutting all the extra noises. So, you can choose them for podcasting. The same is the case with Condenser microphones.

Start recording your podcast

Now, to start recording podcasts, you need to download the software. And, here I’m talking about Audacity. So, once you have downloaded it, it will use a built-in mic. So, go to the software and see a drop-down list, and select mic.

The input level bar on the front will show volume. So, you can monitor it from there. There will be play, stop, record, and pause buttons. So, when you want to record, click on the play button. And, when you are done, click stop. It will be red in hue.

And if you have missed something add it. Click on the record button again and record it. Or, you can click on the record and pause button. And, then during writing, you can add the second recorded audio. So, this is how you do it.

Pause and continue recording

Often this happens with experts who fluff or forget what to say. And, a long-time podcast also tires you. So, it would help if you took a break to gather yourself up. And, for that, you can pause recording on whatever software you use. And, once you are ready, you can click on the play button and continue.

This break will allow you to gather your thoughts and ideas to speak. You can take a break and drink water during that. So, this is a sound system for every piece of software. And, this technique is a good tip for new podcasters.

Export your podcast

Once you have edited the podcast and added all the stuff, you can export it. On the software, you will see a file option. This will be on the left side in the upper section. And, clicking on the file, you will see the export audio option. So, click on it and you will export the audio.  Now, your podcast is ready now.

What are the best laptops for podcasting?

Following laptops are best for gaming and podcasting. Now, these laptops differ in budget. So, you can pick one according to your budget.

Acer Aspire 5HP Specter X360
Dell XPS 15Apple MacBook Pro
Asus ZenBook UX331Microsoft Surface Pro


So, this is how can you record podcasts on the laptop. The following above method with tips helps you do podcasting. And, the above-mentioned laptops that come for $600 to $1500 are the best. So, you can buy any of them to do podcasts. These laptops are portable, and you can take them anywhere for traveling.

People also ask:

How much RAM is enough for podcasting?

For podcasting, you can generally use 8GB RAM. And, this will be enough for the basic me starting podcasts. But, once you are a pro, you can get 16GB RAM.

Which one of the laptops is suitable for build-in microphones?

Apple Air is one of the best laptops for gaming and podcasting. So, you can buy this laptop for podcasting. However, its price range is more than $1500. So, you have to make a budget for that.

How are built-in microphones for podcasting?

Built-in mics are a good option when you have just started. But, they make an unprofessional image of podcasting. Their progress is also slow. So, you must upgrade once you are in the run.

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