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Can MacBook Air make music? Yes, MacBook Air makes the best music with a powerful processor. The system houses a powerful processor with 3.2GHz speed. And, this makes the Apple MacBook Air one of the most powerful systems. So, let’s see what MacBook Air houses.

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MacBook Air making the best music for podcasting

However, even if I said that MacBook Air produces the best music, here’s the twist. If you want to make music on this system, go for MacBook Air 13. That’s because, in the previous article, I already talked about the requirements for podcasts. And, only Air 13 fits somehow the requirements here. Now, let’s review Air 13 and see what it carries for podcast music-making.

MacBook Air 13 for music-making

Once you buy MacBook Air 13, you will find it crossing the limitations that you expected. So, with the M1 chip, this was expected as a challenge to have. That’s because changing from an Intel core processor to an M1 chip is a jump. And, you are never sure what you get in return. However, this M1 silicone chip is a success. The performance is very much satisfying when it comes to the processor.

However, the Apple brand is always having the same problem. It looks like they aren’t in the mood to improve the webcam. Because we have always had a foggy webcam. And that’s quite important to note for a podcasting laptop. Of course, you will never buy different systems for recording podcasts and making their music. So, buy one that covers all the aspects nicely.

MacBook Air M1 chip processor

Now, the processor here is the M1 chip 8-core processor. And, this processor will work well for you. That’s because while making music on Air, all 8 cores work separately. And, the speed is also very fast. So, you can work on several tabs, editing software, and videos. The speed will not slow down and there will be no lags. However, people often think that MacBooks can’t make music.

 But, that’s not true. You can make your tracks on it using paid or free software. And, your editing plugins will work lag-free. However, you indeed get many substitutes for MacBook Air also. And, one reason to look for a substitute is the RAM.

 Also, another reason is already discussed above. This is the foggy camera. You can take the example of the MacBook Pro here. This is the best substitute for MacBook Air. It comes with the same price and better RAM. However, the camera is the same here as well.

RAM for music-making in MacBook Air

As already discussed in the previous articles, it is better to have 16GBDDR4 RAM for podcasting. That’s because it will include plugins, music-making, and audio editing software. However, you will need at least 8GB of RAM to start your work.

You can further upgrade it later. But, MacBook also comes with 8GB of RAM. However, you can get better RAM on the same budget. But, this is what you get at the time. So, this will be fine to work on it. But, it is not something that is recommended for professionals.

Design of MacBook Air 13

The design of this MacBook is a betrayal. That’s because, after almost the same designs, this time, users expected something different. But, the situation is the same. Even though Apple enlightened us to present something different, it did not. You get the same laptop design as the previous MacBook Air.

However, this time, the fans are absent and this is surprising. That’s because even without the fans, the right is the same. It is still 2.8 pounds with the same width. And, another exciting feature is that the system is always excellent. So, the ventilation beneath the system keeps the internals cool. And, no matter how much you use it, it stays calm and silent. This is impressive indeed.

Display of MacBook Air

The display is 13.3 inches with a 2560×1600 resolution. The screen has a retina display, and the backlit screen works out of the room nicely. The thick bezels are, however, the same again. This has been repeated for ages now. But, the screen comes with true tone technology. So, it adjusts the color gamut according to the room’s lighting.

The keyboard of the MacBook Air

The keyboard is very easy for fast typing. And, you will find it similar to the previous models again. However, even with the flat keys, typing is easy. They have a decent space among them. And, there is a fingerprint sensor also. So, you can log in to the Mac OS with security. Also, the trackpad is expansive and easy to glide. This backlit keyboard is suitable for professional use.

 Ports of MacBook Air

You get 4 USB ports in all. And, these include Type C ports, Type-A ports, and charging ports. Along with them, you get display ports and a headphone jack. So, this is all enough for your task no matter what you do.

Battery timing of MacBook Air

The battery timing is 18 hours for this laptop. That is brilliant timing for anything you do. And, this timing will cover at least 30 tabs you open. And, you can play games on my too. Also, a long time editing work with 512GB SSD and media is included. So, this is a powerful lack for making music.


This MacBook Air 13 M1 laptop has all the important factors nicely. The battery, display, and CPU are what you need for editing. And, the system supports the music-making task as well. So, can MacBook Air make music? Of course, it can!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is better MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro is pretty overcoming to MacBook Air laptops. Their prices are the same but the RAM is different. MacBook Air has 8GB RAM while Pro had 16GB RAM.

Should we buy MacBook Air for personal use?

MacBook Air is a decent decision to make for personal use. If you can adjust the price, you get a laptop that is used professionally. So, it is worth buying covering all its features.
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