Best MacBook For Sims 4 In 2021 – Top 7 Picks

The best MacBook for sims 4 is MacBook Air. Sims 4 on MacBook air run very smoothly. However, this is what users say. The fact is that you can play sims 4 on any budget laptop as well.

This is not all about the specs at all. That’s because you will require minimum specifications for playing Sims 4. However, MacBook Air is a way better idea for sims 4. And you can get high-end specifications in the long run.

Also, high-end specifications will help you get a lag-free performance. Other MacBooks also run pretty well but sims 4 run without hanging on MacBook air. And, you get a good time in gaming. So, we must review all the 7 best Macs for sims 4 and conclude ourselves. And if you want to play sims 4 on the laptop you can check this article best laptops for sims 4 Check out the detailed review below.

What To Look In A MacBook For Sims 4 In 2022?

Indeed all the MacBooks come with high-end internals. But, what you need to consider is the graphics card first of all.

And, this is necessary to look at all the laptops. So, it is not only about MacBook. But, you should check the graphics before optioning for a game. Sims 4 depends entirely on graphics. And, you can understand that by looking at the game.

The 3d characters require high-end graphics for running smoothly. And, good graphics push the performance of the display as well.

So, if we check out the graphics first. And the MacBooks IMAC 21, IMAC 2.1, and 15 MACBOOK PRO come with good graphics.

 And, their display is also supported with graphics. So, you can play lag-free games on a dedicated GPU. However, note that not every MacBook comes with a dedicated graphics card. So, if your MacBook has a card from the Intel Core family, it’s not the best MacBook for sims 4.


Now, here are the tips for running Sims 4 smoothly. You can switch your MacBook to laptop mode for sims 4. This will give less strain on the MacBook. Also, if you still face any lag, follow the next tip. Reach out to the settings and go to the documents then. Also, click on the electronic arts option then. Now, there is a trash file there. It will be with a name options.ini file. So, drop the trash file in the recycle bin. And this will remove the lag from the game.  This is primarily the reason for the slow or lagging gameplay. Now, once we have solved this mostly faced issue, let’s see the MacBooks.

MacBook Air For Sims 4

The late MacBook Air has made an evolution in the gaming world. And, the credit goes to its M1 chip. With a high-end processor, you can handle several tasks on it. So, it is not just meant for gaming, but for office tasks also. You can open 20-30 tabs altogether. And, the speed will be not compromised at all. Let’s see the hardware and performance now. This will decide whether it is the best MacBook for sims 4 or not.

The design of this MacBook is very similar to an intel processor MacBook. This was released a while ago now. And, the design this time is also wedge-shaped. However, the screen has a 2600×1600 resolution. Now, the brightness is 400 nits which is suitable to use. The keyboard you get is wide and has popped-up keys. Also, the trackpad is expansive enough with a good response. You will enjoy working or playing on it. The fingerprint sensor helps to login security to your system. But, this is what other gaming laptops also offer. What I did not like about the MacBook Air is the webcam.

And, if you are a MacBook user, you may understand that. Apple has never updated the foggy and dull webcam till now. So, this needs to be fixed this time. One man addition is the use of dictation keys in the function key row.

 And, some keys are absent this time from F keys. You get 8 RAM, 256GB SSD memory, and a backlit keyboard RGB. This is a good deal but would be even good with a touchscreen. The battery life is impressive at 18 hours. You can do whatever you want! This system has a good performance with the IPADS and iPhones. But, it won’t be very good with the iOS apps.

MacBook Pro 13 Inches For Sims 4 Games

If you do some heavy-duty work like compiling iOS, this MacBook is for you. That’s because you can throw as much pressure on this system as you want. You can call it the best MacBook for sims 4, then. That’s because sims 4 does not require much from the system. And, any budget laptop can also do it for them. But, this MacBook Pro can handle bulk work. You can open several tabs behind, run apps, and play games.

The lagging does not exist when it is about MacBook Pro! Now, you can do encoding, video editing, and other long-time tasks. The memory you get is higher than MacBook air. And, the processor M1 chip runs even smoother. And, the credit for the speed goes to the cooling fans. They take the pressure when the action heats up. And, you get 10-20% better speed than MacBook Air.

The Intel Iris 6100 graphics do their best in graphics quality. And, you can’t doubt if you use it for a while. Also, the display with over 5 million pixels makes the best combination. You get the most delicate details of everything you see. The processor here is 8 core with 3.3GHz speed. It takes power and gives a greater output.

A 512GB hard drive with 8GB DDR4 RAM is upgradeable. Also, you get the necessary ports like HDMI and USB Type C ports. What you don’t get is a high-end webcam once again.  Apart from that, the display is similar to MacBook Air. And, you get an RGB backlit keyboard with a good trackpad. But, this time, the function keys are not there. You can push the keys for a while for more functions. However, it weighs 3.28 pounds so it is not travel-friendly.

MacBook Pro 16 inches 2021 For Sims 4

When first using the new 16 inches MacBook model 2021, you feel that Apple improved this time. It has faced many complaints about the poor butterfly keyboard in the previous models. But now you get a wide keyboard with 1.1mm remote keys. And, they are almost flat but silent to use.

 So, it takes a plus point here. The escape key is separately available on the keyboard. And, this is another change. The performance is good about the keyboard. But, we have much to say before calling it the best MacBook for sims 4.

You can not enjoy the trackpad much. That’s because it does not fulfill the space of the function keys. There are a lot of things you have to compromise on. But, the display screen is another change here. You get 15.6 inches display. However, most people call it 16 inches.

And, that’s because the difference between the previous one and this one is minor. You can not figure it out. The 100W battery is another reason for this more prominent display.

Also, the retina display does the job pretty well. The resolution is 3072×1920 which is improved than MacBook pro 13. Now, the RAM here is 16GB DDR4, and 512GB storage is the same as the earlier one. Eleven hours battery timing is also the same.

So, it is compatible with sims 4 gaming. The i7 processor with 2.6GHz speed works at a fast speed. And, the AMD Radeon Pro graphics GDDR6 5300M runs sims 4 flawlessly. You can enjoy sim’s facial expressions like real-life characters. You have to compromise on the weight here once again. The system weighs 4.3 pounds once again. But, with four USB 3 ports, 500 nits HD display and stereo speakers, make a sacrifice to the weight.

Mac Mini for sims 4

Mac Mini is famous for getting very few updates. But, when it gets one, it is always roofed blowing! This model has so many variations to the previous model. And, let’s get started with it!

Starting with the design, it is very much similar to the 2018 model. And, you can pick any sizes  from 21 to 27 inches. Once again, I can’t help it calling it cute for the sizes. And, it is the most flexible system to have for work. You can attach your keyboard or a house with it. And, you can watch movies setting it up with a more prominent display.

The price this time is $100 less than before. So, you get it around $700 now. And, for this price, you have 8GB DDR4 RAM. Of course, this is enough to run a sims game. And a 256GB SSD memory comes with it. Also, it has an M1 processor chip that is flashlight fast.

But, what stops it from being the best MacBook for sims 4, is the speakers. And, there are more flaws.  You will miss the variety of USB ports like in Intel MacBook. And, the disputed speakers with upgradable RAM makes you think twice. But, the apps run flawlessly on this Mac mini. And, Photoshop and other editing software work great. The new thing here is the availability of Wifi-6. So, overall, it is a good package. But, not truly the best MacBook for sims 4.

MacBook Pro Latest Mac For Sims 4

MacBook latest model has been under discussion for sims 4. However, that’s just because this system is less Compatible than other MacBooks. And, as sims 4 doesn’t need high-end specs, users think it is good. But, let’s see what this system has to offer.

For a long time, MacBook has been very expensive. And, this time, the price is lower. So, Apple livers can think about it once again. And, the design makes they fall for it. The thin body 12 inches laptop with gold color looks fantastic. It is something with a silk look. The display is 1.3.3 with a resolution of 2560×1600.

 And, the users have been happy with the adjusted contrast and colors. The actual tone retina IPS display works wonders. Your sims game gets more interesting with lively colors. This MacBook is lighter than all the above-discussed laptops. It weighs only 2.75 pounds. However, the ports are limited here than eBook Pro 16. You only get a headphone jack with 2 Type C ports.

Let’s talk about the storage and graphics now. The storage is speedy and is 256GB SSD. But, what makes the MacBook Air looks shady is the processor. It is the same processor as the previous model! Then why go for the 2019 model after that? This is not understandable at all. However, it runs faster with 8 cores and a 3.3GHZ turbo boost.

Now, the graphics here are 30 FPS that also work well. So, overall, the system works well, however you can opt for a better choice. The battery timing is of 10 hours. But, you cannot put a load on the system. Otherwise, you will face lagging. So, in my opinion, it’s definitely not the best MacBook for sims 4.


After all that comparison and reviews, what stood prominent is the MacBook Pro. And, yes, I’m taking about both MacBook Pro 13 inches and 16 inches. But, what takes my votes is the 13 inches system. I would prefer it for the processor and ultimate tasks that it handles. So, when you have to spend in thousands, go for MacBook Pro. Enjoy HD results with stutter-free relief in sims 4!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a MacBook Pro 13 inches laptop?

MacBook Pro 13 inches is costly somehow. And, you can get it for under $2,300. However, it is expensive, but the deal is packed with high-end features. But, online shops may have different rates depending on the shipping charges.

Is MacBook pro-M1 a good choice for buying?

MacBook Pro 16 is a promising selection to have. That’s because it is a complete package for commercial uses. You can work on big software for editing or can download a lot of tasks. Encoding is not a problem for this system. And, the credit goes to its M1 chip processor.

What to look for in a sims 4 laptop?

For running sims 4, you don’t need to have much. Good graphics with 8GB RAM will do the job for you. And, your storage must be 512GB at least. This storage will be helpful with the creation of the mods. The battery can be for 5 hours. So, you can opt for a gaming laptop under $500 for sims 4.

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