Asus Zenbook 14review 2022

The Asus Zenbook is the best official laptop ever which has a 14 inches Anti-glare screen. When I checked out the internals, I found the processor of Intel Core i7, 8th generation which is nice and perfect. Also, RAM is 16GB, and the graphics are HD, with the Intel ZenBook powerhouse.

This laptop has a storage of 512GB, PLCe, and it can store 4.97GB of data in only 10 seconds. Its data transfer rate is also 508 megabytes each second. I found the Intel Core i7, 8th generation. It has 16GB RAM and the graphics are HD with the intel ZenBook powerhouse.


Artistic Design

Strong keyboard and trackpad.

Excellent battery backup

Beautiful beast


Display is reflective

The absence of a finger sensor


The Asus Zenbook which has a 14 inches display is really perfect. As you know it is the 8th generation. And this variant has 32GB LPDDR5 RAM with 4800 MHz clock speed and 1 TB PCIe 4.0 SSD and the read and write speeds are in front of you.

Then we have WiFi 6E and Bluetooth Version 5.2. It also has MS office home and students free for a lifetime. As this is a thin and light laptop and I said in the Zenbook’s video which audience.

 People who go to the office who don’t do gaming and if you want a thin laptop but you don’t want a Macbook.There is a space design on this and here you’ll get a mini 3.5 inches OLED ZEN vision display. This is a 10 BIT panel and the response time is 0.2 milliseconds, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut.

This is Pantone validated, 1000000:1 contrast ratio which means the blacks are going to be really good Because the contrast ratio is good and as this is Pantone validated, You will see the exact colors.

The colors are slightly punchy in OLED but the color accuracy is really awesome. This is a full-touch display so you can work on it even if you don’t want to use the keyboard


We have a 100W charger in this 1 power cord. This box is very interesting. You get I9 12900H in this which is a 14-core and 20 threads processor. It has 4 P cores and 8 E cores and it comes with Intel Iris XE graphics. There is no dedicated graphics card.

Obviously, if they will add a dedicated graphics card in such thin machinery, Then the thermals are going to be amazing And this is Intel EVO certified.

There are some minimum requirements for Intel EVO certification Which include  Thunderbolt port, Intel 12th Generation, GEN 4 SSD, WiFi 6E, and the screen wait time should be 1 second. The laptop is completely built of Aluminum Alloy and the name of this color is Zero G Titanium Finish. 

The weight of this laptop is just 1.4 KGs.the right side. We get a USB 3.2 GEN 2 Type-A port and a headphone/mic jack combo. And below that, we get a micro SD card slot and I am slightly disappointed with the Micro SD card slot. There should be at least a full-sized SD card slot so that creators can directly use their cards

Keyboard and trackpad:

The keyboard and trackpad, also have a space type of look. There is a planet on the spacebar and the power button is also red in color. The Asus Zenbook is mentioned on the top and this button also has a physical fingerprint Which works really fast.

The laptop instantly turns on after keeping the finger on this.

The Keyboard typing experience is really good and the trackpad is also really good and it’s fully clickable. It is fun to use it. As this doesn’t have a Numpad, We have to hold this, The Numpad will appear here and this is a smart trackpad, If we use it normally, It won’t register the numbers.

It will only register when you have to dedicatedly press the numbers. This is a really good thing.


The speakers are really good and you will get down-firing speakers in this and these are Harman Kardon and Dolby Atmos certified. So, The sound quality is definitely going to be good.

I am really satisfied with this laptop because this is best for me but for others, I’m not sure.  I really loved it.


The Zenbook is not only the best official laptop but also a great choice for a business traveler. It has a great battery life, and you can use it for a long time.

It has a good performance. Its keyboard is great, and it’s backlit. It has a great sound system. It has a great design. It has an amazing screen. It’s thin and light. It has a good screen. It’s easy to take it anywhere. It’s portable.

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