Asus TUF Review

The Asus TUF whose series no is TUF TUF505GT and has a 15. 6 inches that is anti-glare display and a 512GB hard disk. The most important thing is the CPU model is an Intel Core i7 and 8GB RAM and amazing thing is that windows 10 is already installed. This is the best option for gamers.


Great display

Sleek and stylish with lightweight design

Extremely portable and powerful


Some users complained about the battery time


Asus TUF Review Features
Asus TUF Review Features

It is an intel core i7-9750H. It has Ryzen 7 4800H processor with 8 cores and 16 threads, RTX 3050 with 75w TGP. 8GB RAM with 3200 MHZ clock speed, 512GB SSD speed, wifi 6, and BlueTooth V5.2 in the terms of wireless connectivity 


Asus TUF Review Features Display
Asus TUF Review Features Display

It has 15.6 inches 1080P anti-glare display, with a 144HZ refresh rate. That has 45% NTSC and 62.5%SRGB and 250 NITS brightness You can use it friendly and easily outdoors because it has no reflection. Overall it is perfect and mindblowing. I use it and when I use it I am shocked and happy  


Asus TUF Review Features Design
Asus TUF Review Features Design

The weight of this laptop 2.3kgs. Weight distribution is impressive. This laptop opens up with one hand. The overall body is made of metal and the metallic quality is very strong but the interior body of the laptop is also metallic. It is very lightweight and slim, and easy to carry.

Asus TUF gives us better battery life with NVIDIA Optimus as this will use the intel graphics outsides of gaming while disabling hybrid mood will give us better performance. It has wireless connectivity. Absolutely no problem at all opening it with one finger.

Most laptops have linear designs where the border transitions to the bottom. The build quality is strong and elegant and overall nice and clean compared to your gaming laptop. All edges are round, so no sharp round. Its build quality very amazing and attractive.  


Let’s talk about ports. On the left side, you get a power input port, 1 RG45 LAN port, 1 HDMI 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.2 Type A Gen 1 ports, On the right side USB 3.2 GEN 1 Type-A port, and 1 air exhaust vent, and 1 Kensington lock which is very useful for any gaming laptop.

Keyboard and trackpad:

This laptop standard-size keyboard and is available with Numpad. There is some extra space on the left and right sides. This is a signature of the GF series and this is a multi-color backlit keyboard.

The typing experience is normal like other laptops. Its trackpad size is small with two click buttons. You can change RGB effects.


The speakers are really good. It has 2 speakers of 2w each and the speakers are down-firing but its quality is amazing. I feel very relaxed. I like high volume which makes me very excited. it is better for a single person. For me it is perfect but for others, it can be hurt because of its high frequency and high volume.

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