Are Gaming Laptops Worth It In 2022?

Are gaming laptops worth it in 2022? Taking laptops is worth it for sure. Because they come with an empowered graphics card and processor. Their processor, battery life, and body are strongly built for excess use.

So, you can use them for office work, educational purposes, or gaming. They are versatile in use as they have a lot of specifications. However, not every gaming laptop is worth buying a thing. It depends on brands and their internals. Also, it depends upon your uses as well. So, let’s get into the details are gaming laptops worth it for non-gamers as well?

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Like all other aspects, gaming laptops also have their darker sides. They are indeed worth buying. But some aspects make you think again. So, you will think about gaming laptops are they worth it? Let’s see what these factors are.

The higher price of gaming laptops

Gaming laptops are also notorious among none gamers. That is also because of their higher prices. So, not everyone can afford an expensive system no matter the specifications. But, you can also buy gaming laptops for under $600. And, they come with almost the same specs. And, some people think the cost of that high-end laptop is around $2000 or even more.

 But, the truth is different. You can buy the best gaming laptops for under $600. Or, you can go for high-end laptops with 17.3 inches screens. These gaming laptops under $1500 are the best. They will make you forget about the high price brands.

Are gaming laptops even worth it with weight?

Gaming laptops are worth it with portability. But, the question is about their weight. As gaming laptops have high-end internals, they have more weight. They often reach from 5 pounds to even 10 pounds. So, are 5-pound gaming laptops worth it? Well, this weight is also very much to handle. So, 5 pounds does not make the system travel-friendly. And, so you will ask are gaming laptops from 2012 were worth it? I would say no! You can compromise

on 2.4 pounds in maximum if it’s about worth buying a laptop. But, what is the best gaming laptop for 1500 dollars? These laptops come from HP, Acer, Dell, and MSI brands.

Are custom gaming laptops worth it with less upgrading

Custom gaming laptops are a good choice for gamers. But are gaming laptops worth it in 2018 or 2022? The gaming laptops that can be upgraded are good. But, a gaming laptop with too much customization is terrible. And, once you start customizing it, you have to keep it up.

 But, this will be competitive and more expensive. Also, the heavy-duty internals will result in heavy laptops. So, the system does not remain portable for long. You may wonder which is the No 1 gaming laptop in this regard. Well, you can go for low Dell laptops.

Are used gaming laptops worth it?

As far as it is about used gaming laptops, there are questions about their reliability. However, the most critical question is, are gaming laptops worth it in 2017-2022? So, no matter what the year is, gaming laptops differed in performance. It is not necessary that all used gaming laptops are poor. And, not every new laptop is outstanding in performance. Sometimes, low-end brands also ship laptops that have some damage from the start. And, such laptops are not worth it when it comes to gaming.

So, you can’t predict that. But, if you want a used gaming laptop due to budget, go for good brands. Also, people often ask, are “best buy” gaming laptops worth it? So, yes, they are. You can pick your budget deals from there as well. From there, you can pick your best portable gaming laptop under 1500.

Are gaming laptops worth it due to overheating?

Overheating is a genuine problem that is not actually a problem. But, it is a fact that heavy-duty internals will heat up during high usage. And, gaming laptops always take more power than others. So, heating has to be dealt with decently. Many laptops lack features to deal with overheating issues.

However, you can opt for Aver, MSI gl65, and Lenovo for such specs. There are similar questions for heat up. These are “ are Acer gaming laptops worth it?” So, yes, Acer is worth it, particularly in heating issues. And, gamers also consider that, are Alienware gaming laptops worth it. So, you can also consider Alienware for heating issues. This is one of the best gaming brands with an astonishing design. However, you will also get a high-end GPU and processor with a 4k display.

 But, you will need a reasonable budget as well. So, if you have a question that are 4k gaming laptops worth it? Then, you can opt for Alienware of MSI with a reasonable budget. That’s because a reasonable budget will give you a 4k system.

Are gaming laptops worth it for college?

Gaming laptops are worth it not only for college but for offices. They are an excellent choice for school or college projects. That’s because they come with good storage and a good CPU. Even though the students don’t aim for a high-end GPU, they get it. However, they don’t need to spend much on gaming laptops. A standard $600 laptop will do the job for them. You can opt for the best HP laptop for gaming.


So, after thriving so much are gaming laptops worth it in 2022? We concluded that they are worth it. No matter what use you want them for, they are versatile. So, pick your favorite laptops from the above-discussed brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gaming laptops with Rtx cards worth it?

Any gaming laptop with an RTX GPU is no less than a beast. But, this is what I said about the graphics card only. Other internals also matters a lot. However, a graphics card NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3070, is an ideal card for pro gaming.

Does the laptop screen size include bezels?

The laptop screen doesn’t include bezels. They are there to protect the screen from damaging the edges. And, while measuring the screen, you will only measure the glass LED.

What are usually the dimensions of a 17 inches laptop?

Normally, a 17 inches laptop has 42.5x35x16.7×13.8 dimensions. However, this can be more or less dependent on the brand and design.

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