Apple MacBook Pro review 2022

The Apple Macbook has a 13 inches Anti-glare screen which is perfect for teachers. Its processor is 1.4GHz,8th generation quad-core, and 256 GB SSD. The graphics are 645 intel Iris plus, MAC OS X, and its battery backup is 8 hours and Apple Macbook has a 65-watt charger. You can continually use 20 hours without any difficulty.


Good speakers

Perfect battery life


Travel Friendly


No SD Card slot


The MacBook’s display is nice and elegant and its brightness level is a maximum of 500 NITS. Apple Macbook enhances its features. You can get 24 GB RAM in it. As you know this Laptop is for teachers and every teacher wants a lean display.

The display has no color reflection which makes your work super fast. I used it personally and I am really satisfied with this elegant Laptop. Apple Macbook Pro has a great display, it is quite bright with a brightness level of 495 nits.

This webcam gives you very good performance and you used it very friendly. If you are looking for the best laptop for your teaching career then you should Macbook and Its resolution is better for your display. You watch a movie with your family at a time because its display not be disappointed you.


Apple MacBook is much cheaper as compared to Huawei notebook. Its design makes its body structure attractive. Bezels are so lean and strong. However, the top is made of aluminum and it is very lightweight you can carry it very easily and take it anywhere.

Overall it is very beautiful and perfect. I was really surprised when I saw this laptop and after using it I was still surprised to see its features. It has no flex in it.

Incredibly immersive viewing, privacy protection, powerful performance, super-fast super-smooth connections, impeccable sound system ultimate adaptability, and productivity-focused design.

Keyboard and trackpad:

It is comfortable with even the space of keys, and the touchpad is easy to glide. It’s backlit, and the keys feel good and travel decently well like their keyboards from five years ago and the trackpad of the Apple Macbook is very smooth like creamy touch.

Whenever you work on it and you scroll your fingers up and down without any resistance. I must say it is amazing for teachers.


The audio quality is excellent with double speakers, and the sound is ear-pleasing that spreads in a medium-sized room. Its volume is nice and sharp.

I was shocked when I watched a movie about it. Its volume is very amazing for a single person. Its high frequency makes me excited. it is perfect for me but for others, I’m not sure because everybody doesn’t have a good frequency.


It is one of the best laptops on the market. It is also the best for business. It is very easy to use. It has all the features that you need. It is lightweight and compact.

It is very convenient to carry around. You can take it anywhere. It is a great tool for both personal and professional use.

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