Apple MacBook Air review 2022

The Apple MacBook has 13 inches full HD Anti-glare screen. It has 8GB RAM. There is a fast 188 GB storage. That can be upgraded. It has 6000 HD intel graphics and its processor is an intel i5 Core 1.8 GHz. Its weight is 2.96 pounds.


Fast processor

User-friendly Keyboard

Big touchpad

HQ Display


720p Webcam


It has a higher 500 nit max brightness and a lower minimum brightness for working in dim environments, the display is 13.3 inches, and the retina display gives you a decent view. And Apple Macbook Air enables you to use it for an as long time without facing any difficulty.

The text OF the display gives you the best way of reading a book. So, with these soft keys, you can easily use the laptop and create notes for your teaching and student life.

So, for an elegant and decent display. I personally recommend this computer to every teacher who has to deal with lengthy reading or writing tasks every day. You can check out the internals. The processor of the Apple MacBook Air is i5, with RAM of 8GB and 6000 HD graphics.

The storage is 138 GB SSD, and you can upgrade it up to 256GB later. There are a lot of  USB ports and an audio jack with two charging connectors. The overall display is really unique and attractive.


  The bezels around the new display are thinned which let them bump it up a bit to 13.6 inches diagonally. There’s a logo of the Apple MacBook in the top middle, which has become a part of Apple’s design language at this point, but that quickly fades away to invisible when you’re actually using the laptop.

And it’s housing a new 1080p webcam, that looks’s two USB type C Thunderbolt 3 on the left, a headphone jack on the right And so, it only supports one external monitor.

Its hinge quality is very strong and nice. Bezels are so lean and overall very light and thin. Moreover, the weight of this teaching Laptop is 2.75 pounds, and the width is only 0.7 inches, which is an exceptionally slim and artistic look.

Keyboard and trackpad:

Whenever I check out the keyboard and I want to tell you the key travel is 1.4mm and which is comfortable for your fingers. And the key pressing force is much better, So it is easy for fast typing.

The touch ID sensor makes your work easy and faster because it will not irritate rapidly your password again and again. Its trackpad is a very smooth and classic touch keyboard and the trackpad has a very cool design. buttons are made of plastic. It has little flakes in it.


It is the audio result. The speaker’s volume is clear and the ear did not get hurt. It is really perfect for a single person, especially for teachers and students. whenever you watch a movie and listen to songs you feel very excited and happy because the volume of this laptop is so real and rare. I’m totally satisfied with this laptop.


This laptop comes with the best features. It is the lightest one. It has a very thin and sleek design. The keyboard is also comfortable to use. It has a backlit keyboard. It is a good choice for people who are looking for a laptop that is easy to use and portable. It is also a good laptop for people who want to do their work in a quiet place.

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