Alienware VS Msi – Difference

Entering the gaming laptop world, you hear about Alienware laptop and MSI laptop. And, you also see a comparison of Msi Vs Alienware. That’s because these brands are the DIVA in the gaming world. However, both Alienware and Msi have a high following.

Alienware VS Msi :

The difference between Alienware VS Msi is that Msi is better in budget. And, both have overall performance high scores. But, people believe that Alienware is better. However, if we see that price range, Alienware has been an expensive brand. Even their basic models charge more with a little difference in specs. But, the price tag is the first important thing for users. And, users want every gaming computer in their price range.

MSI has also been charging around $1500 to $2000. And, it’s price comes high when you are about to gaming. But, there are several model of MSI gaming laptops that come in lower prices. So, let’s see what these differences between Msi and Alienware are?

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The Diverse Between Msi And Alienware :

Dell Alienware

If you call Alienware m17 a bigger version of Alienware m15, that’s true. However, m17 r4 is priced than m15. But, this is a monster machine in the gaming world. So, let me tell you about the M17 model first. But, I will compare it with Alienware Area 51m and 15 model.

 And, let me tell you that m15, 51, and 17 are almost the same. There is a slight difference that I will mention. And, I will compare it with the MSI GL65 laptop. That’s because it is the most famous one from MSI. And, because we are talking about brand recognition and price.


Dell Alienware m17 looks like a future laptop. It comes in a silver-black body made with a touch of soft plastic. Also, the honeycomb vents make it look different. In between the vents, you see an alien-shaped power button. On the backside, a neon light body makes it look like an alien project.

Dell Alienware m15 looks much similar to m17 as said. But, the only difference in the design is the keyboard. Its keyboard is narrow and looks tiny. All other things look similar to the m17 design.

The 51m gaming laptop looks similar to m17 as well. And, the difference is the color. It is black and grey than the others. And, the keyboard is like m17. However, the trackpad is also backlit here.


The Alienware gaming laptop m17 has 17.3 inches display. And, the resolution is 1920×1080 with a 300hz refresh rate. The display is high quality. However, it does not have a touch system. Also, the narrow bezels make it look even wider.

And, the m15 model has 15.3 inches display screen. Also, its resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. And, the display is IPS with a wide-angle.

The Alienware area 51m gaming has the same 17.3 inches display. The resolution is also the same as m17. And, the refresh rate is 300Hz.


Alien ware m17 comes with a backlit keyboard. And, the travel distance is 1.7mm. The RGB backlighting makes the system more beautiful.

M15 laptop has the same keys backlit. However, they are narrow and the trackpad is a bit on the left.

M51m has Nkey rollover keyboard technology. This keyboard looks like the m17 keyboard exactly. And, the keyspace is the same. But, the keyboard is on a wider space like m17.


In m51 laptop, you get 16GB Ddr4 Ram. And, you get a separate 1TB SSD storage. So, this works the best for you.

The m15 Alienware has the same RAM of 16GB DDR4. Also, the internal storage is 1TB SSD. So, both go the same way. Also, m17 has the same RAM and internal storage. So, for storage, you get the same gaming experience.


The graphics cards are powerful of the three systems. The m17 system has NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 card. And, has 8GB DDR6 graphics memory. And, the processor is Intel core i7 processor. It is the 10th generation processor i7-10750H.

M51 laptop has the same graphics card. And the processor is gen intel 7 core i7-10700H. The m15 model has GeForce RTX 30370 with the same graphics memory. And, the processor is a generation intel core i7-10870H.

Battery life

The battery life f m15 is 6:40 minutes in all. And, that of m17 is 2 hours and 13 minutes. Also, the m51 model has 6 hours 46 minutes battery.


The m15 model has 3 Thunderbolt Type C ports. And, it has 2 ports 3.0, and 2 ports 3.1. Also, it has a headphone jack with a 2.0 HDMI port. Also, a 1.4 display port. The m17 model has the same number of ports. And, m51 model also comes with the same ports.

Alienware Pros

1. Number of ports is good.

2. The display is good.

3. Laptop is nicely designed.

4. The keyboard is attractive.

Alienware Cons

  1. The weight is heavy.

MSI gaming laptop

Among MSI laptops, the gl65 model is the form factor. And, users call it one of the laptops for engineering students. The reasons are the below:


If we do a comparison of MSI GL63 vs Msi gl65, the difference is slight. The color is changed from grey to black. And, The 65 model is 100 grams heavier. Also, It is slimmer and the LCD bends to the end. The ports are the same.


The display is 15.6 inches wide with narrow bezels. The narrow bezel is better than model 63. And, the IPS panel is there with a 120Hz refresh rate. So, the high-end display is a success.


The keyboard looks boring but has backlit keys. And, it has well-spaced arrow keys with a narrow number pad. Also, the trackpad is a little on the left. And, a turbo cooling fan is fixed inside the keyboard. This cooling system is silent. The keys make a clicky sound when pressed.


The graphics card is NVIDIA RTX 2070 with HD visuals. And, it has an intel processor 7 core 10750H. The performance is speedy enough.


The RAM is 16GB DDR4 that you can boost as well.  Also, it covers 512GB NVME SSD memory. Also, you can upgrade the RAM later. Now, you can compare GL65vs Alienware and find the same RAM. Also, the internal storage is the same.


You get Thunderbolt ports 3 and 3.1 ports. Also, along with them, you get a 3.0 port and a headphone jack. And, it has an HDMI port 2.0 as well. It has 1.2 display port as well.

Battery life

The system has 4 hours battery life with internet connection.

MSI Pros

1.The display is good.

2. Its keyboard is highly responsive.

3.The cooling fans are silent.

4.LCD bend to 150°.

MSI Cons

1.Laptop weighs 9 pounds.


So, the comparison of Alienware vs MSI comes to an end. And, we concluded that there is not much difference. The keyboard, the display and internals are almost the same. The size makes a slight difference. But, the price of Alienware is extremely high with a slight difference. So, if the design is not everything for you, go for GL65. This is way cheaper and you get almost the same specifications.

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