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Alienware M17 R4 gaming‚ laptop is the best machine to have. And, you can get it at a bonus price. This laptop is indeed a true example of heavy-duty system. Also, it comes with a decent and attractive body.

Although you have to spend some money to get this best gaming laptop. You will not regret once you buy and try its gaming performance.

But, people think that other gaming PC or gaming laptops are better. And, this is the reason we will do Alienware m17 r4 reviews 2022 because it is multi purpose laptop you can use it for gaming and also to create sims 4 characters.


The design of M17 R4 is very much like R3. Also, you will get the same LED-illuminated exhaust port. It is at the backside of the laptop. This is the same legendary model as the earlier one. And, there are no chances of accidental damage on falling.

The color schemes are interesting once again like the R3 Alienware laptop. You can choose whether dark moon scheme or lunar light white. The color scheme makes the dark black bezels adorable.

If we talk about the deck, its top is honeycomb-shaped. These honeycombs are to intake air.  So, the air passage keeps the system at normal temperature.

 And, this M17 R4 has an alien-shaped power button. And, it is present on the right side. This button changes color to indicate AC or power. Also, it blinks if the battery needs charging.

However, the laptop body is 0.66 inches thick. And, the laptop back is of 0.82 inches. Also, Alienware m17 r4 gaming laptop weighs 6.6 pounds. And, it has 8x4x2 dimensions.


The display screen is good for this Alienware M17 laptop. It comes with a 360hz refresh rate. There are several display options for Alienware laptops. And, also for other laptops under $1500. However, in the M17 R4, the best display you get is 360hz. It comes  with HD display G-sync.

 So, you don’t have to opt for a 144hz refresh rate. And, you even don’t have to go for 4k display frame rates. Also, the display has 100 percent of sRGB color gamut. And this color gamut has DCI-P3 gamut.


Talking about the display, the brightness of the display is 300 nits.  Also, the graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080. The system deserves a praise for this. That’s because  Alienware M17 R4 2022 has Geforce RTX 3060 card.

Also, Alienware m17 r4 RTX 3070 card is available. But, 3080 is the best choice in graphic cards. The manufacturers have attached card and cooling system. This helps to get a lag-free performance.

Now, the system has 10th generation intel core processor. This 10th generation intel core processor is i9-10980HK. It offers 16MB cache and 8 cores. Also, one thing is best about this 10th  generation intel core processor. It gives a flawless performance for old games. And, you can enjoy the heavy duty gaming experience.

Another best feature of this gaming laptop is the RAM. This RAM is 32GB DDR4 along with 1.5TB SD storage. You also get a pair of 512GB PCLE m2 SSD along with Raido. And, one more 512GB SD card reader for the data drive.


The audio quality is still of fine quality. But, you can not ignore the fan noise. The woofers don’t give a high bass experience. And, the voice also cracks at high volume. Also, the fans distract you with their increasing noise with time. So, you should wear headphones if you still want this laptop. This will be fine with the audio.


A mechanical keyboard is another feature of this 10th gen laptop. You get a mechanical keyboard that manufacturers engineered with Cherry MX. And, the keys are comfortable and clicky with backlighting.

The space between the keys is 1.08mm. So, you can type without messing up. What can make you concerned is that you can not change the keycaps. This is one flaw of this keyboard.

 However, other mechanical keyboards have extra key caps. And, the backlit is prominent only on the main function keys. So, it is hard to type in a dark room.

Battery life

Any laptop with a Core i9 processor and 32GB RAM is very strong.  And, along with all these, a 360Hz refresh is everything. But, the negative point is that it gives poor battery life. Also, there is an m2 SSD with SSD ddr4 RAM and 512GB SSD. So, you have to face the problem of a poor battery.

However, in many aspects, this laptop is way better than the M15 R4. The specs are quite better except for the battery. Laptops with 360Hz refresh rate runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes. However, the lower refresh rate of 60hz let it run for 3 hours.


 The Rhyzen 5 edition is a good comparison for this model. M15 Rhyzen edition r5 has a 4.4ghz processor. However, it has a 15.6 inches display screen. Also, Alienware m17 R4 has a graphics amplifier port. And, that is a strong plus for this model.

This graphics amplifier is not available in Rhyxen 5 edition. Also, Rhyzen 5 has 16gb ddr4 RAM. So, here again, M17 R4 wins the game.

The R4 model has 10980HK and more than 1tb PCLE. All this comes with a voltage regulation feature. These features are not available in the former model. Moreover, it has a micro SD card with a mini-DisplayPort. 

Unique features

So, of course, it is better than a system that has a core i710870h processor. The intel core i710870h processor is also worth it for gaming. Also, a 9th‚ generation processor is very good. And, this system has an Alienware‚ command center. It helps with the work and settings. Not every laptop has a command center so it is a plus point.


Alienware R4 is a pretty good option to have under 2000. That’s because it comes with so many unique specifications. And it comes with a heavy-duty processor. Also, it has 3200MHz memory better than ddr4 2933mhz.

You don’t have to run a 6gb ddr6 RAM under $500 or $800. Instead, you can spend more money for once and get Alienware M17 R4. Because that is a best rat-tracing laptop among others.

 However, the laptop has a vapor chamber failure. But, you get other solid internals. Another thing to compromise is the RGB lightening. Because that is absent in the system.

There is no RGB light on the keyboard at all.  Still, the gaming monitor has a good backlit display. And, this is the latest Alienware model. That’s because Alienware m17 R4 release date is 13th January 2022. So, you can expect improvements in the model later.



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