Acer Swift 7 review in 2022

Acer Swift 7 is a high-quality laptop for homes, stores, and offices. This laptop has a big 14 inches display screen.


Fragile and lightweight

Backlit keyboard

Great Display Quality

Good battery life


No Micro SD Slot


Acer Swift 7 has a big and bright display screen which is 14 inches. It is very good for visuals. This screen gives me the best and most attractive experience when I watch this screen.

I feel all the scenes in reality when I watch any movie on it. It gives me a comfortable experience while watching videos. This laptop also has Intel HD Graphics 615 graphics coprocessor.

Storage & Performance:

Acer Swift 7 gives you good storage which is very useful for saving your documents. this laptop has 8Gb of ram. this laptop has a 1.3 GHz CPU speed which gives you a fast experience while doing your work. All these facilities can be used for our work fastly.


Now we talk about the body of this laptop which is very pretty and shiny. because The body of this laptop has an attractive look and the color of this body is Luxury Gold. This color makes this laptop more impressive and attractive.

This color seems like real gold. which is very shiny. I am very thankful to Acer for launching this impressive series (Acer swift 7). We can see a lightweight laptop with fully featured facilities.

Keyboard and Touchpad:

This laptop has an amazing keyboard. keyboard One more useful and impressive thing about this laptop. is it is very smooth and fine? We can work on it easily and while typing our text our fingers feel fine on it.

The keyboard gives us a great experience of typing any text. our fingers will get tired of the smooth keys of this keyboard. While doing your work on it your fingers feel relaxed.

This laptop will prove very important and comfortable for those people who are patient with their fingers. now I am going to describe to you the touchpad of this laptop which is very smooth and big. If you don’t have a mouse you can work on it easily with your fingers. it gives you a great experience.


This laptop has a volume speaker which sounds very clear and loud. if you don’t have headphones you can hear the sound of any video and movie without the headphones. I heard this sound it is very high and clear but some people who cannot listen to high sound can turn the sound low.

Some old people who cannot hear clear sound should use this laptop, and then they can hear and enjoy the sound.


This is one of the most popular laptops among people. It is good for working on the computer. People who use it love it because it is fast. It has a lot of storage space. It has a good sound system. It’s great specs made me do my work more easily.

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